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Earth Day

13th Annual
Earth Day Celebration
"Water is Our Way of Life"
April 22, 2017

2017 Service Projects

Please see below for a description of the 2017 Service Projects offered for general registration (equipment and supplies provided for each site):

  1. Beeline - This site is the former Red Mountain Trap & Skeet area which closed nearly 10 years ago. It is in the process of being turned back into natural desert, and requires more planting of native species and management of those plants and the soil.

  2. Wetlands - There are two constructed wetlands. These sites require work involving sign installation, planting, rock painting, trail maintenance, and shelter construction.

  3. Trash/Solid Waste Cleanup - General cleanup of identified areas.

  4. Standpipes - There are irrigation standpipe covers throughout the Community. These covers are painted periodically with environmentally-focused pictures and positive messages.

  5. Detention Pond - This is a site holding a small amount of water. Planting of native tree poles is needed.