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Earth Day

14th Annual
Earth Day Celebration
"Caring for the Earth"
April 21, 2018

2018 Service Projects

Please see below for a description of the 2018 Service Projects offered for general registration (equipment and supplies provided for each site):

  1. Standpipe Painting - There are irrigation standpipe covers throughout the Community, these covers are painted periodically with environmentally-focused pictures and positive messages
  2. Roadway Cleanup – Removing trash from select roadways
  3. Carpentry Projects – Bench construction and installation for group homes
  4. Beeline Pitstop – Tree planting along new path behind Beeline Pitstop
  5. Community GardenActivity to be determined, more information coming soon
  6. Wetlands - There are two constructed wetlands, these sites require work involving sign installation, planting, rock painting, trail maintenance, and shelter construction
  7. Senior Homes – Cleanup and beautify Senior homes
  8. Desert Restoration Garden – This is a brownfield project near the old Beeline Dragway that is being turned into an educational garden with rock-lined paths and native plants