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Environmental Compliance Program

The Environmental Compliance Program works in collaboration with the Community and federal agencies to provide the Community compliance assistance in accordance with the SRPMIC environmental ordinances (laws) and federal environmental laws and regulations.


The main goal of the program is to help and provide the tools necessary for the Community and businesses within the Community boundaries to meet the tribal and federal environmental standards through Compliance Assistance with:

  • Communication of all federal and tribal environmental standards in common language for all interested parties for a healthy environmental stewardship in daily operations on the SRPMIC.
  • Assistance by providing the necessary tools and resources needed to remain in compliance with the federal and tribal laws.
  • Relationship building within the tribal government and its business partners in the hopes of preventing further environmental enforcement within the SRPMIC.
  • Education and Outreach to promote a healthy and sustainable living environment for generations to come.

The expected outcome of this type of assistance is to promote CDD-EPNR's vision of "Enhancing our Future, Protecting our Past".


Enforcement will be the program's final step in resolving any environmental violation(s) within the Community's borders. The program's first priority is to assist those in violation through a process in returning to a compliant status and remain compliant through support of this program.

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