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Community Action and Revitalization Program (CARP)

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Before removal

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After removal

The Community Action and Revitalization Program (CARP) is a program designed to beautify and revitalize the Community through small and large scale cleanup projects.

Any areas within the Community in need of cleanup or containing an abandoned or unsafe structure, please call the CDD-EPNR hotline for assistance. Landowners/homeowners will need to fill out the demo application and give CDD-EPNR consent prior to conducting any cleanup activities.

Benefits to the Community:

  • Helps keep Community lands clean and free of unsafe debris.
  • Reduces gang-related activities.
  • Limits areas for graffiti or tagging.


Contact Us

For more information on CARP please contact the EPNR Hotline: (480) 362-7500 or EPNR@srpmic-nsn.gov.