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Brownfields Program

Brownfields are real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant. SRPMIC's Brownfields Program focuses on evaluating potential Brownfield sites, cleaning up and reinvesting in these type of properties to protect the environment and health of the Community. Through these efforts, the Brownfields Program reduces blight, and promotes new development for the economic benefit of the Community; thus allowing new businesses and jobs to come in.

Do you or any elders in your Community know about contaminated sites? Some examples of contaminated sites (potential brownfield sites) could be; abandoned gas stations, abandoned dump sites with hazardous chemicals or petroleum products, old facilities with abandoned drums or known to have had spills of chemicals, buildings built prior to the 80's which may have building material such as asbestos or lead-based paint, PCB bearing ballasts, fluorescent light bulbs, areas treated with pesticides that are now banned, etc.

For more information or to request an assessment, submit the Brownfields Information & Assessment Request Form.

Are you living or working near a Brownfields site?

Of course, in order to answer that you first need to know what a Brownfields site is; and most importantly how you can help the Community through the Brownfields Program. A Brownfields property is described under the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a "real property, the expansion, redevelopment, or reuse of which may be complicated by the presence or potential presence of a hazardous substance, pollutant, or contaminant."

Now this is still a bit technical so if we wanted to bring it home, a Brownfields site would be any property that could possibly be improperly storing, or has in the past stored any type of hazardous material or soil contaminants; such as used oil, other petroleum products, pesticides or chemicals. If you know of a place like that and it is located within our Community then now you know that it could potentially be a Brownfields site. These sites are a problem but fortunately we have the (federally funded) Brownfields Program; which was created to provide assistance in assessing potential sites and reducing their possible environmental risks to the Community they are located in. Through the Brownfields Program any person in the Community may be able to request the assessment of a property if they believe that it might contain hazardous substances or pollutants. As part of the Community Development Department, the Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Division (EPNR) has been taking full advantage of the Brownfields Program, by evaluating several areas for potential environmental and health concerns. Once a site is identified, the Brownfields Program assists in the clean up and remediation of the site; these projects are often funded through grants awarded by the EPA so we can have safe redevelopment and reuse.

In 2008, the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) was awarded the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) Section 128(a) Tribal Response Program Grant. This grant has been the source of funding to address the assessment, cleanup, and redevelopment of actual Brownfields sites and other sites with potential contamination through the year 2010. An example of the work we have been doing is the completion of the assessment and on-going cleanup of the Feedlot located on McDonald and Mesa Dr. But we have been concerned about Brownfields sites long before 2010, in the past SRPMIC was also awarded funding to assess, cleanup and restore the Cypress Landfill through EPA Brownfields Funding. The most recent sites funded or partially funded by the Brownfields Program have been; the investigations and assessments of the Scottsdale Six Drive in Theater, the investigations and tearing down of the Beeline Dragway and its surrounding structures, and the investigation and clean up of waste at the Beeline Gravel Pit.

The EPNR Brownfields Program, in conjunction with EPA, will continue to work towards finding new sites in need of clean up and redevelopment for the benefit of the Community. We will continue to request funding for future projects in the upcoming years as well.

Public Record Information

The following table displays public information regarding ongoing Brownfield assessments, clean ups and/or planned assessments, cleanups, remediation and information inviting community involvement in identifying potential Brownfield sites.

Property IdentificationLocationCity, StateStatus
Feed Lot Clean Up Project NW corner of McDonald Dr. and Mesa Dr. Scottsdale, Arizona

Brownfields Assessment, Clean-Up Grants and Site Specific Work

Assessment Phase of the project was completed.

U.S. EPA Brownfields Clean up Grant has allowed for the clean up of 60 acres of the Feed lot Project (completed in 2011). SRPMIC has formally closed the Brownfields Clean up Grant (2012).

Fencing and signs have been installed at the old Feed lot as part of the required engineering controls set forth by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency(EPA). In addition, the removal of concrete and troughs has been completed for approximately 64 acres (2013).

SRPMIC will continue to work towards funding further clean up and also use the Community's resources to continue moving forward with the Brownfields Cleanup efforts.

As of 2013, approximately 104 acres have been deemed to be cleaned and ready to be released for redevelopment (40 acres still hold troughs, concrete and debris).

Scottsdale Six Drive-In Theater SE corner of McKellips Rd. and McClintock Dr. Scottsdale, AZ

A Phase I Site Investigation, an asbestos and lead surveys were conducted and completed at the Scottsdale Six Drive in Theater. A complete site inspection and records review was completed by EPNR in order to request competitive clean up funding in the future. Bids were received for the clean up of the Scottsdale Six Concession building but no contract was awarded.

SRPMIC's CDD facilitated the clean-up of the Scottsdale Six Drive in Theater without the use of U.S. EPA funds. The Scottsdale Six Drive In Theater was abated for lead and asbestos and demolished. All waste was properly disposed of and removed from the site (2014).

The former Scottsdale Six Drive In land has been deemed cleaned and is ready and available for leasing.

Beeline Dragway Arizona State Route 87 and west of Val Vista Rd. AZ

U.S. EPA has granted SRPMIC a Targeted Brownfields Assessment Grant for the investigation of the Beeline Dragway.

The U.S. EPA has also awarded site specific funds for the clean up of the Beeline Dragway three-story building (FY2014).

CDD-EPNR completed investigative work with the assistance of U.S. EPA Targeted Brownfields Assessment funds. Phase I and Phase II reports for the Beeline Dragway should be completed for the beginning of Fiscal Year 2015.

CDD-EPNR completed the Asbestos removal of the Beeline Dragway three story building. The building and surrounding structures, including a septic tank were demolished, removed and the area was cleaned up (FY2014).

CDD-EPNR received the Phase I and Phase II Reports for the Beeline Dragway and Gravel Pit

CDD-EPNR received U.S. EPA contractor's Phase II report. The Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives final draft for the Beeline Dragway and Gravel Pit was received in 2015.

Site Specific Funds towards continuing clean up were awarded by U.S. EPA and were used towards clean up of surrounding structures within the Beeline Dragway site (FY2015).

Beeline Gravel Pit Arizona State Route 87 and west of Val Vista Rd. AZ

U.S. EPA has granted SRPMIC a Targeted Brownfields Assessment Grant for the investigation of the Beeline Gravel Pit (2014).

CDD-EPNR has done a Phase I investigation. CDD-EPNR monitored Phase II investigative and sampling work at the Beeline Gravel Pit during the fourth quarter (FY2014). The Phase II sampling report was completed in FY2015.

The Analysis of Brownfields Cleanup Alternatives final draft for the Beeline Dragway and Gravel Pit was received in 2015.

Specific Funds towards this clean up were awarded and used during FY 2016. Clean up of the Beeline Gravel Pit was contracted and completed during fiscal year 2016.

The Beeline Gravel Pit has been fenced (FY2017) and SRPMIC is working with the Community to plan redevelopment for FY2018.

Asbestos Removal Project-Brownfields Special Project Various Home Sites /Abandoned Trailers AZ SRPMIC Land

U.S. EPA awarded SRPMIC with Brownfields Special Project funds for the "Asbestos Removal Project" which was composed of several abandoned trailer homes that had contamination and were being used for illegal activities.

CDD-EPNR has used FY2015 Site Specific Funds towards the removal of asbestos in the homes designated under the "Asbestos Removal Project. All work was completed by the end of the 2015 fiscal year.

BR11-CARP 187 Virginia Ave. & Longmore AZ SRPMIC Land

Demolition of unsafe dilapidated house with black mastic floor tile with asbestos containing material. The house has been cleaned up and the land is ready for redevelopment.

BR12-CARP 300 Dobson Rd. & Vista Dr. AZ SRPMIC Land

Abandoned 1990 home that had been exposed to a fire about 10 years ago. The house was not in repairable condition and the building materials were suspected to have asbestos. The house posed a danger to the Community. The house has been removed and the land is ready for redevelopment.

Jr's COnvenience Store 1601 N. Beeline Hwy. Scottsdale, AZ SRPMIC Land

Convenience store and gas station with old building materials. An asbestos survey was completed for this site prior to redevelopment. The store and gas station is now being ran by SRPMIC (FY2017).

For more information please contact:
Lily Bermejo – Brownfields Program Manager
480-362-2631 or lily.bermejo@srpmic-nsn.gov.

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