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Environmental Protection & Natural Resources

Who We Are

The Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Division (EPNR) of the Community Development Department (CDD) was established to enhance the quality of life within the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC) by protecting and preserving the land, ecosystems, wildlife, history, and natural resources of the Community.

What We Do

EPNR administers environmental regulatory programs, addresses environmental issues, and monitors growth and development to reduce the impact to the Community's natural resources. EPNR staff is frequently out in the Community performing site inspections, and monitoring activities. The division also manages and analyzes data, interprets consultative work, writes technical reports, and enforces environmental regulations.

In addition, EPNR staff provides environmental outreach and education to increase awareness about environmental issues that impact the Community. In an ongoing effort to strengthen the bond between the people of the Community and their land, presentations to the Community Council, schools, and the general public are available.