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SRPMIC 2018 General Election

Election Information

On Tuesday, September 4, 2018, the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community will be holding a general election for the offices of President, Vice President, and four Council Member seats.

You are able to vote in SRPMIC elections if you are: 1) an enrolled member of the Community, 2) 18 years or older on the day of the election, and 3) a resident of the relevant electoral district for at least one (1) year; or if you are a non-resident, declared a home district. Persons who are in jail or prison on the date of election, or have been declared to be mentally incompetent are not eligible to vote.

POLLING SITES - District I (Salt River) voters vote at the SALT RIVER COMMUNITY BUILDING. (Polls open from 6am-6pm) District II (Lehi) voters vote at the LEHI COMMUNITY BUILDING. (Polls open from 6am-6pm)

WHAT DISTRICT DO I VOTE IN? - Members who live West of North Mesa Drive are considered to be a District I (Salt River) voter and should vote at Salt River Community Building. Members who live East of Mesa Drive are considered to be a District II (Lehi) voter and should vote at Lehi Community Building. Non-resident voters must fill out a form to declare their “home district” for voting purposes, and they should contact the Community Development Department (“CDD”) to obtain the form for declaring a home district.

A SRPMIC TRIBAL ID IS REQUIRED TO VOTE - Community members must show a (picture) tribal ID card at the polls before they will be given a ballot. Contact the Office of Membership Services at (480) 362-7618 if you need a new tribal ID card. The Community membership rolls determine voter eligibility and the district in which you vote in, so please make sure that your name, tribal ID number, and address are up-to-date with the Office of Membership Services in CDD.

ABSENTEE BALLOTS - To request an absentee ballot please request by phone, email, or fax to Erica Harvier, Ardell Moore, or Dorine Andrews.
Phone number: (480) 362-7466, 362-7469 or 362-7400
Email address: erica.harvier@srpmic-nsn.gov