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News Archive - 2015


The Salt River Department of Corrections is pleased to announce the graduation of our 29th detainee from our GED program. The GED program was designed to give adult learners who never finished high school a second chance. With the New requirements to pass GED exams, the task of such achievement has become increasingly difficult. However, in cooperation with the SRPMIC Education department, we have forged forward and see the fruits of that labor.

Special Thanks to the Education Department for their collaboration and cooperation throughout the year. Also, special thanks to ALL DOC staff for ensuring a safe and secure environment for these types of programs and services to exist.


The Salt River Department of Corrections announces their First Correctional Training Officers (CTOs) graduates.

  • Officer Sean Markle
  • Officer Aaron Kalama
  • Officer Alicia Randall
  • Officer Heather Harmon

These officers will partner with operation and training staff to build a solid, comprehensive training platform for all "newly hired" staff. Their multitude of responsibilities will include being one of the "first influences" on our new staff. New staff will be relying on them to provide the knowledge and competencies to be successful, productive members of the department.

We applaud their commitment to sound correctional practices and the development of new staff.

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Below is a press release from El Paso County Sheriff's Office where some of our SRDOC Tactical ESU Unit successfully completed their Special Response School (SRT). Congratulations to those team members (see pic ). Just an example of the departments readiness in the event of some emergency situation.

El Paso, TX – The El Paso County Sheriff's Office held a Special Response Team (SRT) School from September 14th – 18th, 2015.

This SRT school saw a 100 percent passing rate for its 13 trainees following the week long intensive training.

Trainees focused on tactics and techniques in force training, and riot control. The 13 trainees were certified in the following categories:

  • One Man Extractions
  • Tactical Shields Dynamics in Room Evacuations
  • Pepperball
  • Mobile Field Force-RIOT

Officers also went through numerous team building exercises to include a confidence course, and rescue drills.

"The most important thing about the school is that they become certified in techniques and tactics, and the most important thing is the safety of the inmate they need to extract." - Officer Luis Trevino.

"The training was like no other, one of the best schools we have been too. It mainly focused on how to become a team, one unit" ~Officer J. Coombs-Arizona ESU Team Leader

This SRT school trained nine Sheriff's Office Detention Officers, and four detention officers from the Salt River Department of Corrections in Arizona.

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MAY 2015

Third Annual Crisis Negotiation Training Competition - This past Friday May 15, 2015, a cadre of staff that inlcuded the Salt River Department of Corrections Emergency Service Unit Hostage Negotiators and two Salt River Police Officers particpated in the Third Annual Crisis Negotiation Training Competition. The training competition is a one day event and involves a full day scenario (about 7 hours). The teams (17) were judged by evaluators and scored. The evaluators provide feedback at the midpoint of the scenario an opportunity for teams to adjust and practice, then a final evaluation was provided at the end. The competition is modeled after the one that has taken place annually in San Marcos, TX for the past 25 years.

Although, our team did not finish in the top 3, we have seen considerable improvement over the last three years demonstrated by our scores and overall organization and techniques used. The goal is to ensure our negotiators are prepared for any scenario that could happen here in the community.

Great job by all those who particpated during this competition to include:

  • Jacob Coombs
  • Jose Delao
  • Aaron Vaught
  • Danny Brown
  • James Regan
  • David Zubick
  • Dariusz Gruna (PD)
  • Julian Owens (PD)
  • Amy Rose (missing from picture, serving as evaluator)
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APRIL 2015

ACA Certification - The Salt River Department of Corrections hosted our quarterly American Correction Association (ACA) professional certification exam. I am honored to announce the successful completion and obtainment of ACA National Correction Certification by the following uniformed DOC staff members:

  • Officer Johanna Soto
  • Officer Jesse Soto
  • Officer Thomas Wagstaff
  • Officer Eric Ruiz


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APRIL 2015

Correctional Trainer Certification Commission - Lt. Stacie Mitchell of the Salt River Department of Corrections was recently appointed to the Correctional Trainer Certification Commission (CTCC) by the American Jail Association (AJA) Board of Directors. The CTCC is a six-member commission that oversees the Certified Correctional Trainer designation developed through a partnership between AJA and the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel (IACTP). For more information, read the press release below.

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DOC Newsletter - In this electronic age, email is/has become the most pervasive and fastest growing means of connection and communication between individuals and organizations, especially in this department and community. The DOC newsletter named by staff as LOCKDOWN NEWS is intended to additionally provide, in a less formal platform, the latest news, successes, highlight awards, honors, milestones, tips, achievements and accomplishments happening across the Department of Corrections and the community.