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News Archive - 2014


Manager Training - The SRPMIC Manager Training Program is designed as a self–paced program for any manager that needs to sharpen his/her skills or learn from the ground up. The program consists of ten e-learning courses, eight instructor-led courses, and a Lunch & Learn in the "Lessons in Leadership" series. This training focuses on the core skills necessary to be successful in a leadership role at SRPMIC.

Maintenance Supervisor Jeff Owen is the first employee to successfully complete this program.

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ACA Certification - The Salt River Department of Corrections hosted our quarterly American Correction Association (ACA) professional certification exam last month. I am honored to announce the successful completion and obtainment of ACA National Correction Certification by the following uniformed DOC staff members:

  • Ronald James
  • Daniel Serafin
  • James Regan


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In the spirit of charity (and fun), Police Chief Patrick Melvin of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Police Department took the ice water challenge by plunging into an ice filled swimming pool for the 100 Club of Arizona. Police Officers from throughout the valley are showing their support by dumping big buckets of freezing water on themselves to bring awareness to this great organization. Chief Patrick Melvin wants to show his department's support by splashing into an ice filled pool in "full uniform."

In addition, Director Daly, Fire Chief Dave Bunce and Assistant Chief of Police Auerbach also participated. The 100 Club of Arizona is a charitable organization dedicated to standing behind the men and women who stand behind the badge. For more than 40 years, the 100 Club has provided assistance to statewide public safety agencies, officers, firefighters, paramedics, and their families. A great cause.

JULY 2014

DOC and Education

The Salt River Department of Corrections offers its detainees a variety of different programs, one of which is a General Education Diploma (GED) Program. The following is an article written in the community newspaper Au-Authm Action News identifying some of the activities and success.

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JULY 2014

The Salt River Department of Corrections has joined with Scottsdale Community College to provide educational workshops that include an interactive experience where the participants will be able to identify careers that are aligned with their interests. They will also have the opportunity to learn about these careers and identify next steps in order to accomplish their future career and educational goals.

JUNE 2014

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) "Adopt a Highway" program is an opportunity for community members to help keep our highways litter free. Tons of trash are picked up every year by Adopt a Highway programs. The Salt River Department of Corrections has partnered with ADOT and is just another example of detainees giving back to the community and helping their community remain liter free.

[PHOTO - ADOT Cleanup]    [PHOTO - ADOT Cleanup]
APRIL 2014

The National Jail Leadership Academy is a week long program designed for mid-management jail personnel who wish to acquire leadership skills that will prepare them for senior management positions in jail administration, hosted by Sam Houston State University.

Topics generally covered include leadership skills, human resources, accountability, emerging issues, communication, ethics, collaboration, discipline issues, finance and budgeting, statistics, and change.

I am proud to announce the graduation of one of our Salt River supervisors from the program:

  • Corporal Shavon Coburn

Great job and congratulations!

[PHOTO - NJLA Coburn]