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Community Law Enforcement History

At the establishment of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Law Enforcement was under the authority of the Bureau of Indian Affairs and directed by the B.I.A. area agency Criminal Investigator.

In 1963, the Salt River Tribal Council appointed the B.I.A. Criminal Investigator as Tribal Police Commissioner. His duties were to assist in organizing a tribal police force to include training and administration.

In 1967, The Salt River Indian Community assumed full control of the Law and Order program. The Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement Officer positions were abolished and the Tribal Police force was placed in operation.

In 1972, the Police/Detention facility opened. As years passed, numerous additions and modifications have been made to the facility. By the close of this facility in 2007 the facility was about 5,500 square feet and rated to house 55 inmates.

The Tribal Police Force was responsible for enforcing community laws within the community. The Police Force was also in charge of operating the community jail facility.

On February 16, 2000, the Community Council by council resolution established the Salt River Department of Corrections. This Department is given the full authority and responsibilities of operating the community jail operations.