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Multi-Media Resources

Take some time to explore and learn with different types of multi-media hosted on this page: Phrasebooks, Resource Documents and visit our Videos page. We will regularly be adding new content, so check back often.

Please use this content respectfully for your own personal learning experience. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without express written permission of the SRPMIC Cultural Resources Department. Thank you.

O'odham Phrasebook (OPB) - PDF - Click to view and print

Track1: OPB Introduction

Track2: OPB Orthography

Track3: OPB Family & Kinship

Track4: OPB Greetings

Track5: OPB Numbers

Track6: OPB Days of the Week

Track7: OPB Colors

Track8: OPB Months

Track9: OPB Food

Track10: OPB Body

Track11: OPB Body Short Sentences

Track12: OPB Clothes

Track 13: OPB Emotions & Actions

Track14: OPB Animals

Track15: OPB Nature

Track16: OPB Directions

Track17: OPB Plants

Piipaash Phrasebook (PPB) - PDF - Click to view and print

Track1: PPB Introduction

Track2: PPB Orthography - Vowels

Track3: PPB Orthography - Consonants

Track4: PPB Greetings

Track5: PPB Departures

Track6: PPB Questions

Track7: PPB Responses

Track8: PPB Morning Time

Track9: PPB Daytime

Track10: PPB Nighttime

Track 11: PPB Foods

Track12: PPB Mealtime

Track 13: PPB Relations

Track14: PPB Relations

Track15: PPB Body Parts

Track16: PPB Clothes

Track17: PPB Around the House

Track18: PPB Color & Image

Track19: PPB Animals

Track20: PPB Nature

Track21: PPB Numbers

Track22: PPB Time

Track23: PPB Days & nights

Track24: PPB Months & Season

Track25: PPB Location & Direction

Track26: PPB Misc. Questions & Statements

Track27: PPB Some Common Verbs

Track28: PPB Some Common Verbs


Composting Tips and Advice

UofA Horticulture Publications

Desert Plants

Picking Cholla Buds

Cañaigre, Wild Rhubarb

Spinach, Wild Spinach


Flute Making Instructions

Language Learning

Crazy Eight Translations - Piipaash

Crazy Eight Translations - O'odham

Uno Translations - O'odham

Review Bingo Cheat Sheet

ṣoig! (Sorry) - O'odham


Huhugam vs. Hohokam