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Judicial Conduct and Discipline Commission


SRO-435-2014 (Judicial Conduct & Discipline Commission) [PDF]

Judicial Rules of Professional Conduct [PDF]

Judicial Complaint Form [PDF]

What is the purpose of the Commission?

The Community Council recently adopted the Judicial Conduct & Discipline Commission ("Commission") Ordinance to provide an independent and objective body for Community members and litigants to file complaints regarding judicial conduct and behavior. The purpose of the Commission is to enhance the public confidence in the Community Court by providing a fair, impartial and expeditious forum to investigate and hear complaints regarding allegations of misconduct by a Community Court judge.

What does the Commission do?

Specifically, the Commission has the authority to hear allegations and make disciplinary decisions and recommendations against a Community Court judge that involve the following:

  • Misconduct in office
  • Failure to perform the duties of a judge
  • Mental and physical incapacity that interferes with the judge's ability to perform judicial functions
  • Violations of the Community Court's judicial rules of conduct
  • Conduct that brings the judiciary into disrepute

What can't the Commission do?

The Commission's scope is in regards to judicial behavior and not judicial decisions. Therefore, the Commission is not an appellate court. The Commission cannot change a judge's decision, intervene in a pending case, remove a judge from a case or award damages or monetary relief to litigants.

Who are the Commissioners?

The Commission is comprised of three members who generally serve 4 year appointments.

  1. One retired federal, state or tribal judge (who is not currently a sitting judge of the Community Court).
  2. One licensed attorney, admitted to the Arizona State Bar Association, who has experience in Federal Indian law and working with tribal communities.
  3. One Community Member with or without legal or judicial experience.

What information should I include in my complaint?

Please see the fillable PDF complaint form. This is a helpful form to assist you in filing your complaint.

Where do I file complaints for the Commission to review?

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
Judicial Conduct and Discipline Commission (JCDC)
C/O Office of the General Counsel
10005 East Osborn Road / Scottsdale, Arizona 85256