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Community Manager – Bryan Meyers

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"I wanted to be in a position where I could best assist the Community Council in achieving the Community goals and objectives. I enjoy working with the dedicated staff and enjoy the complexity and challenge of the position."

For the past seven years, Bryan D. Meyers has served as the Community Manager on behalf of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRP-MIC). In his role as Community Manager, Meyers oversees 25 departments of which he has direct oversight of 11. The Community employs more than 2,000 employees and provides valuable services to more than 8,700 tribal members.

Meyers is responsible for leading and managing all of the personnel, operations and logistics of the Community government.

"My duties are similar to the duties of a City Manager for a municipality, although the Community cannot be only compared to a City," Meyers says. "The SRP-MIC has duties and responsibilities similar to that of the federal, state and county governments as well as private industry all rolled up into one tribal government."

As a full-service government, SRP-MIC operates the daily government operations of the Community which includes Administration, Council, the Office of General Council, Congressional and Legislative Affairs, Budgets and Records, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Treasury, Internal Audit, Purchasing, Cultural Resources and the Community Regulatory Agency.

Other Community operations include: Public Safety, Education and Community Enrichment, Health and Welfare, Public Works-Transportation, Community and Economic Development and Criminal Justice, which all operate numerous programs and offices within their respective departments.

Meyers also serves as a liaison between the Community Council and the Community Government. He carries out administrative requests by the Community Council, assures the day-to-day operations of the departments and programs to ensure that the needs of the Community are met.

Since 1993, the Community has significantly increased services to Community members, said Meyers, who first started with SRP-MIC in 1993. They include the Memorial Hall, the Lehi Community Center, two fire and police substations, housing projects, new school facilities and construction of the new 150,000 square-foot Two Waters Tribal Complex, which includes the 12,800 square-foot Council Chambers and the 12,000 square-foot Community Cafeteria, which are scheduled to open in 2009.