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CDD Membership and Real Property Management Division

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The Membership and Real Property Management Division-(MRPM) is one of four divisions of the Community Development Department (CDD). The division is ultimately responsible for the membership records of all enrolled Community Members and of all land that is within the Community, or otherwise owned by the Community. These two elements, the people and the land, represent the very foundation of the Community. The following functions and offices are currently designated under the direction of Membership and Real Property Management:

  • Office of Membership Services
  • Office of Realty Services
  • Office of Probate Services
  • Office of Records Management

Office of Membership Services

The Membership Office serves the Community by facilitating and assisting with all facets of enrollment and membership per the SRPMIC Constitution and Code of Ordinances. The Membership Office also processes name and address changes, provides tribal photo ID cards to Community Members, and maintains voter registration records.

Office of Realty Services

In the early 1900s the General Allotment Act created almost 1000 land allotments in the Community for individuals and families. The majority of the allotments are located in the Salt River District and range between 5 and 20 acres. The Lehi District has a small number of allotments each consisting of about 5 acres. The Office of Realty Services maintains all the ownership records for both allotted and tribally owned land. Of the over 53,000 acres within the Community, about 30,000 are tribally owned and 23,000 are allotted owned. Realty coordinates the title needs of landowners by facilitating gift conveyances, land sales, exchanges, partitionments, homesite leases and appraisals. Realty also advises and counsels landowners on conveying land and the procedures to keep allotted land from further fractionation.

Office of Probate Services

The Office of Probate Services serves the families of deceased SRPMIC member landowners by researching and preparing estates for review and settlement by the Office of Hearings and Appeals. Probate also oversees Individual Indian Monies (IIM) account disbursements for estates to the rightful heirs or beneficiaries.

Probate Terms[PDF]
Probate Process[PDF]
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Office of Records Management

The Office of Records Management preserves, safeguards and maintains all membership and realty trust records. Records Management also plans for future record archiving and preservation needs by assessing document storage policies and procedures, as well as planning for records protection and recovery in the event of a disaster.

The following are a list of successfully completed projects completed by the Office of Records management:

  • Land Owner Records Scanning
  • Enrollment Records Scanning
  • Electronic Organization of Lease Files
  • Storage Capacity for Two Waters
  • Coordination of EPNR Electronic and Hard Copy Library