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CDD Economic Development Division

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Welcome to the Economic Development Division of the SRPMIC.

The Economic Development Division provides services to Community members, land owners, and developers to support commercial and agricultural development in the Community through land leases. SRPMIC has been strategic in managing growth for the Community. This allows for choice and quality.

What does the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community have to offer? Location ... location ... location ... The SRPMIC is situated along the borders of Scottsdale, Mesa, and Tempe, with major freeway access that includes the Loop 101/202, and within 15 minutes from one of the top ten airports in the country, Sky Harbor International Airport. With the new Talking Stick Resort and Casino near completion and the construction of the Arizona Diamondbacks/Colorado Rockies Training Facility around the corner, now is a great opportunity to learn about the opportunities to locate a business within the Community and becoming partners with landowners. To date, the Community has had great success in our commercial leases and is home to many corporate headquarters along with some of the "firsts" in Indian Country, including the first power center (The Pavillions) and now the first Major League Baseball facility.

EDD coordinates efforts with the SRPMIC Council, landowners, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs to establish each land lease. After this process is complete, EDD then acts as the lease administrator enforcing lease compliance. EDD also issues the business licenses required by the SRPMIC's Code of Ordinances. It is also important to note: SRPMIC land is leased and not sold for development purposes. The land is leased from the Community or individual land owners. The SRPMIC has a Land Use Development Process (SRO 25-74).

Economic Development
Staff Directory

Quannah Dallas
EDD Manager
(480) 362-7663

Gardell Johnson
Financial Analyst
(480) 362-7648

Samuel Bush
EDD Analyst
(480) 362-7610

Alex De Lucio
EDD Analyst
(480) 362-7664

Juana Fulwilder
Business License & Tax Permit Specialist
(480) 362-7649

Tammie Curtis
EDD Compliance Analyst
(480) 362-7668

Paul Alberts
EDD Compliance Analyst
(480) 362-7643

Commercial and industrial leases are only a part of the picture. The Community has designated over 20,000 acres for agriculture use and at this time about 15,000 acres are being cultivated.

Commercial Leasing

Commercial leases have provided the Community with revenue, jobs for Community members and surrounding neighbors, and individual income for its land owners.

The Community currently breaks down the leasing process into a three part phase:

  • Lease Process A - Due Diligence
  • Lease Process B - Lease Package Preparation
  • Lease Process C - Lease Approval

Every individual who does business on the SRPMIC is required to secure a business license from the Community. This can be done by filing out the Business and Privilege License Application.

These are definitely exciting times for the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community. The Community Development Department looks forward to working with you.

Other helpful resources:

  • Community Enterprises
  • Community Member Owned Business Directory
  • Certification as a Community Member Owned Business
  • Maps

Agriculture Leasing

Commercial and industrial leases are only part of the picture. The Community has designated over 20,000 acres for agricultural use and at this time about half of that area is cultivated. Agriculture acreage is predominantly on the western area of the Community. Depending on the season, crops such as cotton, melons, broccoli, grains and other vegetables thrive throughout the area. The Community has entered into agricultural leases with farmers who are well known throughout the valley.

[MAP - Agriculture Leases]

SRPMIC always welcomes new thoughts and approaches to farming. If you are interested in farming in the Community, please feel free to contact our office. EDD coordinates efforts with the Community Council, landowners, U.S. Department of the Interior, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs to initially establish each land lease.

SRPMIC Landowners

EDD supports working with landowners and developers to make mutually profitable leases for today and into the future.

It is very important for landowners to understand the importance of seeking their own legal advice when:

  • Reviewing lease terms and contracts
  • Negotiating terms and conditions of the lease
  • Entering and committing to a lease

By obtaining private legal counsel (advice) and/or a business consultant, this will allow the land owners a party of their own to closely look out for the individual land owners best interest and values.