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Welcome to the Zoning Code and Design Update Web Site!

This web site keeps you up to date with the rewrite of the Community's zoning code and design guidelines (the ZODU project). Information will be provided on the project progress, meeting dates, meeting presentations and results, and ways Community members can participate and to provide their input and opinions directly to the project team.

News and Announcements

On November 5, 2014 in general council session, and in accordance with the SRPMIC Ordinance Development Policy (Policy 1-20), the SRPMIC Council approved a public comment period of ninety (90) days for the amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 17, and Chapter 18 of the Code of Ordinances.

The Planning Staff is conducting a series of meetings to present an overview of the proposed zoning ordinance and to answer questions. There will also be public hearings at the Land Management Board and the Community Council meetings prior to adoption.

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Overview Meetings with Question and Answer Session
Community Member Meetings
(attend any date)
12/02/14 5:30PM
12/09/14 5:30PM
01/15/15 5:30PM
Salt River Community Building
Lehi Community Building
Council Chambers
Allottees of land proposed
to be rezoned
01/06/15 5:30PMSalt River Community Building
District Meetings
Kashoya/Ray District Mtg
Scabby/Dallas District Mtg
12/13/15 9:00AM
01/20/15 6:00PM
Salt River Community Building
Lehi Community Building
Developers and Community
(attend either date)
Two Waters, 10079 E. Osborn, Bldg B, Room B106
LMB Public Hearing1/26/15 5:00PM
2/23/15 6:00PM
Salt River Community Building
1880 N Longmore (North of McDowell Rd)
Community Council Public Hearing6/17/15 6:00 PM Council Chambers Two Waters, 10005 E. Osborn
The SRPMIC Community Council approved the proposed zoning ordinance update at their July 1st, 2015 meeting. The ordinance will be effective on July 31st. Applicants submitting proposed development prior to July 31st may elect to have the proposal reviewed using either the current or the newly adopted ordinance.
Public Comment Deadline

Friday, March 6, 2015 at 12:00 A.M.

Please return comments to either:
Office of the General Counsel Attention: Niccole King
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community
10005 East Osborn Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Email: ZODU@srpmic-nsn.gov

COPIES OF THE PROPOSED ORDINANCE AMENDMENTS can be viewed on this site under "Proposed Ordinance".

A CD Disk with a PDF file or a Printed Copy are available at:

  • Office of the General Council (at Two Waters, Building A, 3rd Floor)
  • Administration Office (at Two Waters, Building A, 3rd Floor)
  • Community Development Department (at Two Waters, Building B, 3rd Floor)

Meeting Dates

The Zoning Ordinance amendment is a comprehensive update of the current Zoning Ordinance, which was adopted in 1981. The Ordinance is over 30 years old, and has been amended only a few times. The current Zoning Ordinance was written prior to development of the Loop 101 freeway within the Community and was based on policy framework from the Community's 1978 General Plan. The General Plan has subsequently been updated three times over the past three decades. The current 2006 General Plan lists updating the Zoning Ordinance as its first implementation action to ensure consistency with the General Plan's goals and objectives.

The main theme of the General Plan is establishing a framework for social, economic and environmental sustainability. The proposed new Zoning Ordinance carries out the objectives of the General Plan by providing regulations to help reduce heat island effects, light pollution, overuse of water; limiting and providing extra scrutiny of industrial uses; and incorporating Piipaash and Au Authmn cultural values into development design. This zoning update project, a.k.a., the Zoning Ordinance and Design Update (ZODU), began in late 2009 using internal government staff and focused on non-residential regulations, which make up most of the provisions of the Code, though there are some changes made to the agricultural and residential provisions of the Code, such as including the reduction in minimum home site sizes.

In addition to the Zoning Ordinance amendment, additional technical amendments to Chapter 17 and 18 are necessary to maintain consistency with the Code of Ordinances and the proposed Zoning Amendment.

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