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Business Opportunities

The Community welcomes any inquiries about business opportunities here at Salt River. We invite quality developers, partners, and/or investors to pursue commercial, industrial, or office development.

Pima Commercial Corridor — main commercial area eight miles long and 8,000 acres along Pima Road, from McKellips Road to the northern boundary of the Community, just north of Via De Ventura.

McDowell Commercial Corridor — northern boundary of the Community from Pima Road east to Gilbert Road.

Planned Use
Commercial and office development.

Well-served by the 101 Pima Freeway, 202 Red Mountain, I-10 and I-17 freeways, and SR 87 Highway.

Main Industrial Corridor — McKellips Road along the Salt River at the southern boundary of the Community to Alma School Road.

Other general industrial sites located along the Salt River.

Planned Use
Main Industrial Corridor: light industrial; research and development

Other sites: general industrial

Well-served to Tucson and Los Angeles markets by 202 Red Mountain, I-10 and I-17 freeways and SR 87 Highway.

To see examples of businesses that developed here at Salt River, visit our Success Stories page.