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Veterans Affairs

Serving in gratitude the Veterans of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

Veterans Representative Office

Mission Statement: To bring about an awareness of veterans issues and promote the overall wellness of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Veteran and their families.

The goal of the Veterans Representative Office is to provide a broad range of assistance, outreach, and referral services in order to educate the veterans of the SRPMIC of the benefits and entitlements they have earned through their service in the United States Military. In working with Federal, State and Local governments and veterans organizations, the Veterans Representative disseminates information regarding benefits, programs and social events which are pertinent to the Native American Veteran and the Veteran population in general. In addition, the Veterans Representative assists veterans with the documentation and filing of claims for benefits and entitlements with the VA.

The Veterans Representative Office will provide assistance to any veteran, but the primary focus is on providing services to the SRPMIC Veteran.

Utilizing the Veterans Representative Office

Enrollment with the Veterans Representative Office

Upon entry into the United States Military, SRPMIC members are encouraged to enroll with the Veterans Representative office so a record can be established and a working relationship with the office can begin once a separation from the military occurs.

For those community members who have completed their military service, enrollment with the Veterans Representative Office is highly encouraged to allow for the accurate accounting of time in service and allow for benefits and assistance services to begin, if needed or sought out by the veteran or the veterans family.

Also enrollment with the Veterans Representative Office allows for a record of service to be established and made readily available for family members should the passing of the veteran occur.

By enrolling with the Veterans Representative Office a more accurate historical record can be made of the veterans in the community allowing for a better understanding of their importance throughout the history of the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community.

VA referrals and VA health enrollments

Most benefits and entitlements to veterans need to begin with verification of time in military service. This can be done by submitting a copy of the service discharge form (DD-214, DD-215, or for World War II veterans, a WD form), which documents service dates and type of discharge. Once Acquired, It is recommended that you file a copy of your DD 214 with the Veterans Representative Office. This ensures the veteran's DD 214, is kept in a safe location accessible, to the veteran and next of kin or designated delegate.

The Veterans Representative Office can assist with this process or you may go to the National Archives site for Veterans Service Records

Other documents that will be needed for claims processing related to a veteran's death include:

  1. Veteran's marriage certificate for claims of a surviving spouse or children
  2. Veteran's death certificate
  3. Children's birth certificates or adoption papers to determine children's benefits
  4. Veteran's birth certificate to determine parents' benefits

The Veterans Representative will assist the veteran and the families of veterans in the following areas:

  • VA Health Care Benefits
  • Service Connected Disabilities
  • Pensions
  • Education and Training
  • Home Loan Guaranty
  • Life Insurance
  • Burial and Memorial Benefits
  • Reserve and National Guard
  • Transition Assistance
  • Dependents and Survivors Health Care and Benefits
  • Appeals of VA Claims Decisions
  • Military Medals and Records
  • VA Forms on-line