Pacer Reina, of the Community Relations department, and Emily Chiago King, of Administration, are the “face” and “voice” for two waters. They will help keep Community members and employees informed as the project progresses.

Pacer Reina, Two Waters Spokesperson

Pacer has been with the Community Relations department for ten years and worked with the SRPMIC for eleven years. Born in Phoenix in 1970, he is married and the father of five children, ages 11 to five months. “I was born in Phoenix but moved back to the Community when I was eight years old,” said Reina whose grandmother’s grandfather was Antonito Azul, the last chief of the Au-Authm. Educated in the Mesa Public School system, Reina graduated in 1988 from high school and enlisted in the U.S. Army to become a para-trouper. He was assigned to the famed 82nd Airborne Division.


Emily Chiago King, Two Waters Spokesperson

Seven years ago Emily Chiago King was asked if she would fill in for two weeks for a temporary position at Tribal Administration. The “temp” work lasted two years until, five years ago, she became a permanent Administration employee. A familiar face and voice to the Community, Emily is looking forward to the move into the new facilities. “I think that the new tribal offices, administration and government complex is a great idea. It will be wonderful to house so many different departments in one area,” she said, adding that her only concern is that the disabled and Elders will have to get used to the much larger offices.