October 2006 - Winter 2008
Building construction phase

September/October 2006
Visitor Center Opens

July/September 2006
Site clearing and utilities

August 2006
Demolition of old buildings begins

June 2006
After an extensive design phase, which involved many members of the Council heard the request to approve the conceptual design of Two Waters and appropriate funds for its construction.

April 2005
SmithGroup Architects hired to design the new Administration Building and Council Chambers. In September, Council appropriated $17.5 million for construction of the new facility, with the remaining funds to be funded in FY 2007.

November 2004
Council approved the Tribal Campus Master Plan Option 6. This designated a new Tribal Government Complex on the northwest corner of the existing Administration campus. That plan identified a 120,000 square foot three-story building for Administration and Development Services and an 8,000 square foot Council Chambers.

September 2004
Police Investigations, TANF, Community Relations, Youth Services, Fitness Center, Human Resources, Behavioral Health, Self Governance, Budgets & Records and Contracts and Grants were designated to move into the new Community Service Center. That move vacated several buildings on the project site for the two waters site as well as other locations on the Government campus.

March 2003
Decision was made to construct a temporary facility directly to the east of the Administration. It became the site for a new Community Service Center.

February 2003
Council directed staff to plan the new Tribal Government Complex on the site of the existing campus at Longmore Road and Osborn Road. In preparation for the new complex, in June, Public Works completed demolition of the Economic Development/Social Services Building.

September 2002
Council appropriated $3.7 million to begin designing the new complex for the 92nd Street and Osborn location. The intent was to build two Chaparral Business Park, three-story buildings on that site. In preparation for the move to a new building, in October of 2002, Public Works completed the demolition of the old Human Resources building and the old Council Chambers, both in need of replacement. Without a permanent Council Chambers, Council meetings were held in alternate locations.

August 2002
The Community initiated a site study which considered six possible locations. These included 92nd Street and Osborn Road; Canalside Subdivision Area; the existing tribal government complex area; Dobson Road and Chaparral Road; the Northeast Corner of Longmore Road and McDowell Road, and a potential site at Alma School Road and McKellips Road.

January 1999
The architectural firm of CornoyerHedrick was contracted to develop a master plan for a Tribal Government Complex.