FAQs > Friendship Park

Will the museum remain in place and open?

Yes. The museum will remain in place and will be open before, during and after the construction phase.

Will the museum kitchen remain open during construction?


When it rains do you expect water will be standing in the future park?

Yes. Drainage under the park will be established to remove rain water, but during and after rainfall, water will likely accumulate in the park for a short period of time; just as it does around the valley. This method of ground water recharge is good for the environment.

Won’t the standing water cause a mosquito concern?

The drainage is designed to remove water within 18 hours which should prevent standing water that would support mosquito reproduction, so we do not expect problems.

Will there be any playground equipment for younger children?

Yes. The park committee has recommended separate playground equipment to provide places for younger and older children to play.

Have you found any artifacts while digging in the Friendship Park?

Yes. A number of things have been located that we believe were buried by Mr. Terry Leonard in the past. Care will be taken to locate and remove these prior to extensive dirt removal and to prevent damage to any historic items that were buried in the original park.