Welcome to Two Waters

This site will inform you about the progress of the new Administration Government complex which will open in 2008. When completed, it will provide a center of leadership, service and community for the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. Please check back often to learn about the progress of this important project.

What's In A Name?

The name of the project, two waters, represents the significance of the two rivers, the Salt and the Verde, located on the eastern boundary of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Communiy. The two waters concept will be reflected in the landscaping design for the campus. The name also provides for the two cultures that have come together, the Pima and Maricopa. And it ‘speaks’ to the two buildings which are bridged by a covered outdoor structure. Two rivers. Two tribes. Two Buildings. The use of the number 2 is also culturally based, being that the number is an even number.

The name "Two Waters", was chosen through a contest. The tag line, “Center of Leadership, Service and Community,” was selected by the Public Relations/Change Management committee to help communicate the purpose for the new campus.

Pacer Reina, Two Waters Spokeperson

“The new complex will reflect our culture and our people. As former President Makil used to say, ‘We have a simple culture but we are not a simple people.’ We put a lot of thought into how we do what we do and why we do it. This building complex will reflect that.”

Two Waters Report

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