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SRPMIC Special Needs Resources Program



The Action Team Addressing Special Needs (ATASN) developed from the strategic planning process of the SRPMIC. It is a team of dedicated individuals, either tribal government employees representing different departments or Community Members of the SRPMIC. The team meets monthly to address strategies and implement tasks to improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs that are living or working in the SRPMIC (or Community Members living outside the reservation boundaries). Each of these members has direct knowledge and expertise, and specializes in a variety of areas related to meeting the needs of individuals with special needs.

Mission and Vision

It is the vision of the ATASN to provide general information, resources, network system, support, and to develop programs specifically tailored to the needs of exceptional people of the SRPMIC and their families and caregivers.

Members and Email Addresses

Crystal Banuelos (Team Leader), Community Employment Manager, Human Resources, Crystal.Banuelos@SRPMIC-nsn.gov

Marvin Stevens, Behavioral Health Manager, Health & Human Services, Marvin.Stevens@SRPMIC-nsn.gov

Chris McIntier, Special Grants & Contracts Manager, Education, Chris.McIntier@SRPMIC-ed.org

Susan Nayatewa, Social Worker Supervisor, Health & Human Services, Susan.Nayatewa@SRPMIC-nsn.gov

Eric Schurz, Community Jobs & Underfill Coordinator, Human Resources, Eric.Schurz@SRPMIC-nsn.gov

Georgene Enas, Office Manager, Human Resources, Georgene.Enas@SRPMIC-nsn.gov

Kelli Petrone, Exceptional Student Services Administrator, Education, Kelli.Petrone@SRPMIC-ed.org

Monica Martinez (Scribe), Community Employment Secretary, Human Resources, Monica.Martinez@SRPMIC-nsn.gov

Esther Reina, Secretary, Administration, Esther.Reina@SRPMIC-nsn.gov

Karen Schurz, Community Member

Andrea Stepp, Community Member

Renee Carrasco, Community Member

Aaron Carrasco, Community Member