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Miss Salt River Pageant Online Registration

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2017 Miss Salt River Registration

Birthday: (mm/dd/yyyy)
SR Enrollment # (Last 4 digits):
Address: (City, State, Zip)
Address-Physical Description:
Phone Number:
Cell Number:
E-mail Address:
Social Media - Please include all social media accounts (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.) Miss Salt River, Jr Miss Salt River and their courts are required to disclose all social media accounts and allow at least one member of the Miss Salt River Committee to follow/friend:
Name of Parent(s) or Guardian(s)
Address (if different from above):
Address (if different from above):
Cell Number:
Cell Number:
E-mail Address:
EDUCATION INFORMATION: Please complete section thoroughly and accurately. Miss Salt River and her court are required to be a student for the duration of their reign.
School Attending
Grade in School
Expected Graduation Date:
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If Yes, Where?
Your Title/Position:
What inspired you to participate in the Miss Salt River Pageant?
(Briefly, state your reasons, interest, or motivation for participating in this year's pageant.)
Please tell us more about yourself, for example: what are your hobbies, what current goals do you have, are you a volunteer worker, etc.
List any special recognition or awards you have received in or out of school:

Dress Descriptions

Please be very descriptive and give as many details as possible.
Dress descriptions will be read verbatim by the emcee on pageant night.
Semi Formal Attire:
Traditional Dress (O'odham or Piipaash):

Description of Talent Presentation

(4 minutes maximum)
  • Traditional Talents – such as Pima or Maricopa traditional singing, dancing, storytelling, demonstration etc.

  • Modern Talent – such as playing an instrument, dancing (ballet, jazz, etc), singing, etc.

The MSR Committee reserves the right to make suggestions if your talent is deemed inappropriate.

Once application is submitted all talents are final.

Please include all equipment that you will use (i.e.: slide projector, screen, cordless microphone, music stand, etc.). Instruments and uncommon equipment may be not be available from the Miss Salt River Committee or pageant venue. Please be prepared to supply your own if you require an uncommon prop for your talent.

Miss Salt River Eligibility Criteria

  1. Participants are responsible for personal belongings at all times. The Committee and the SRP-MIC are not responsible for participants' personal belongings, loss of articles, theft or injury.

  2. Participants must be enrolled members of the SRP-MIC.

  3. Participants must be 17-24 years of age at the time of the pageant.

  4. Participants must not have ever been married, had/have children, not currently or ever have been in cohabitation with a significant other.

  5. Participants must have been born biologically female.

  6. Participants must reside within the Community or within the boundaries of Maricopa County.

  7. Participants must be willing and able to communicate with the public.

  8. Participants must be knowledgeable of the O'Odham (Pima) and Piipaash (Maricopa) culture, history, values, traditions and current issues.

  9. Participants must be attending high school, GED classes or pursuing higher education.

  10. Participants must submit a physical examination for general health status

  11. Participants must submit a 300-word essay on the current pageant theme.

  12. Participants must submit three (3) original, signed letters of recommendation from any of the following: clergy, academic counselors, community leaders or other professionals. Letters cannot be from a family member.

  13. Participants must not have held the title of Miss Salt River.

  14. . Participants must not be registered for active duty with any military service.

  15. Participants must relinquish any other Titles or Crowns currently held should she be chosen Jr. Miss Salt River.

  16. Participants must disclose any pending legal charges or convictions from any jurisdiction. The Committee shall review any legal charges or convictions that have occurred. Disqualification may be the result.

  17. Participants must return a "Parental Consent" form signed by a parent or legal guardian. This form is important because family involvement is highly encouraged for Jr. Miss Salt River.

Miss Salt River Duties

  1. Miss Salt River is a goodwill ambassador representing the SRP-MIC.

  2. Miss Salt River will promote the O'Odham (Pima) and Piipaash (Maricopa) culture, history, values and traditions.

  3. Miss Salt River will consistently maintain her knowledge of the current issues of the SRP-MIC.

  4. Miss Salt River will always be a positive role model to the youth and general public.

  5. Miss Salt River will appear and be on time at all events scheduled by the Committee. Should an emergency arise, including personal illness/injury or a family emergency, etc., immediate notification will be made to the assigned chaperone.

  6. The Miss Salt River traditional attire will represent the O'Odham (Pima) or Piipaash (Maricopa) tribe at all events and activities, unless otherwise directed by the Committee. She must abide by the established dress code of the Committee.

  7. Miss Salt River is responsible for the care and safe keeping of the crowns, sash and shawl. She is financially responsible in the event of the loss or damage to the crowns. If there is loss or damage to the crowns, the Miss Salt River Committee will review all circumstances on a case-by-case basis and make a final determination about replacement.

  8. Miss Salt River will be in the company of the assigned chaperone(s) at all times and she will give them her full cooperation.

  9. Miss Salt River will set a goal that can be reasonably achieved during her reign in the area of Community service.

  10. Miss Salt River will promote all Community events, services and programs, as scheduled.

  11. Miss Salt River will present a quarterly report to the Miss Salt River Committee during a regular scheduled meeting. She will also make a quarterly presentation to the Tribal Council.

  12. Miss Salt River will submit an article quarterly to the Au-Authum Action News.

  13. Miss Salt River will take advantage of opportunities and resources made available to promote and encourage cultural learning experiences.

  14. The Miss Salt River Court will abide by the Miss Salt River Duties.