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Start Smart: Wear a Helmet

Some of the most common kinds of presents involve wheels and move faster than most of us can walk. With the holidays passing, it’s important to remember that those new, fast-moving toys that you are riding on can increase your risk of injury. It doesn’t take much to damage that important, complex human organ inside your head called the brain. The brain floats in fluid inside the skull; when impact occurs, the brain is thrust into the skull and then bounces back into the opposite side of the skull. The severity of head trauma during an accident can cause harmful, sometimes deadly, outcomes.

So, if you are riding a bicycle, skateboard, tricycle, scooter, or any other kind of recreational toy with wheels, it’s important to have a properly fitted bicycle helmet. A helmet should be snug, level, and stable on your head, and it should cover most of your forehead before adjustments are made.

Once you have the properly sized helmet, you will need to make adjustments to customize the helmet further for safety. Here is what you should check:

Having a properly fitted helmet is one of the easiest methods of preventing injury while riding a toy with wheels. The Salt River Injury Prevention Program can help you start the New Year smart with a free fitted helmet. If you are in need of helmet, please contact Monte Yazzie at (480) 362-7542.

Start Smart, Wear a Helmet!