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2018 New Year's Resolutions

“To be more fit, eat healthier, maintain weight, and live a prosperous year!”
—Cynthia Burke

“I’m buying a new vehicle in 2018. Possibly a Jeep, which has always been my goal.”
—Elisa Briones

“My resolution is to be more clear within myself and then communicate with others the WHY in the things we do.”
—Robert Gray III, director of curriculum and instruction at Salt River Schools

“For 2018, one of my resolutions is to read more books. To accomplish this, I set myself a goal to make sure to read at least one book every month. I want to get lost in good books and to experience classics and new books.”
—Cody Achin

“Continue to eat right and exercise.”
—Mervin Sisto, Sr.

“A healthy and successful life for my family, my friends and myself.”
—Lily Lewis

“We’ve had a couple of deaths in my family, so [my resolution is] just for us to be joyous and to get together as a family sometimes. Death can separate families, and I just want our family to be how we were when we were younger.”
—Gwen Osif

“I would like to save more money.”
—Marcella Broines

"To continue on a path of being healthy, reaching goals of losing weight and to make 2018 fun."
—Silvana Shaw

“To hang out with family more and to do better in college. ”
—Emra Barrios

"To serve my Community better in the New Year."
- Chester Mack

“I have long known that vegetables have numerous nutrients and vitamins that the body needs, but I recently found that vegetables also have many properties that help the body repair itself. Because of that I will make a concerted effort to eat more vegetables.”
—Dr. Louis Laffitte Jr., Salt River Schools Superintendent

“For years I’ve been wanting to incorporate more traditional O’odham clothing into my daily wardrobe. I feel prettiest in my ipud (dress), but I only ever wear them to certain events, such as designated ‘traditional’ events, celebrations and ceremonies. Why? They’re beautiful and comfortable! Our past ladies could do anything in their ipud! So my resolution is to do just that. When the people see me walking around in 2018, I hope to give someone else the courage to take back their culture. It is theirs, and it’s so much more than wearing a dress.”
—Veronica Flores