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Salt River Wrestlers Compete in Christmas Jamboree

Garrett Miguel (right) shakes hands with his opponent during the Salt River Christmas Jamboree.

On December 28, Salt River High School hosted the annual Christmas Jamboree tournament for all the wrestling teams of the Canyon Athletic Association (AZCAA) over the winter break. The event was held in the high school gymnasium with two matches going simultaneously.

The event brought a great turnout, a little bit smaller than previous years, but it still drew a large crowd that filled the stands. Salt River wrestlers Garrett Miguel and Emiliano Acosta both had two opponents in the Jamboree and were the only two to represent Salt River during the event.

Representing Salt River Junior High, Miguel went into the event undefeated, but he had his first loss of the season after his first bout. Miguel’s record was 12-1 as of January 4.

Senior Emiliano Acosta, who, like Miguel, went into the meet undefeated, maintained his score, which is now 20-0. Both athletes remain dedicated to the sport and are good role models for their school.

Acosta’s goal is becoming a state champion, as well as winning the National All-American title in the summer. He wants to achieve a top seven ranking in the country and has been looking at wrestling in college after he graduates from high school.

Miguel wins his first bout during the Salt River Christmas Jamboree at Salt River High School.
This season marks Miguel’s third year of wrestling, and he looks forward to wrestling in high school.

Currently there are five junior high wrestlers and seven high school wrestlers for Salt River. That’s fewer than in previous years, but the teams are still doing well.

The CAA Junior High Wrestling State Championship tournament kicks off at 10 a.m. on Saturday, January 27, at ALA-Ironwood in Queen Creek. The CAA High School Wrestling State Championship is on Saturday, February 17, at ALA-Gilbert, also starting at 10 a.m.

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