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Salt River Community Children’s Foundation Providing Services for Community Youth

The Salt River Community Children’s Foundation (SRCCF) is a nonprofit foundation that was established in February 2003. It provides scholarships and sponsorships that support educational, cultural and personal growth for Community youth, to help them become successful students, leaders and contributing members inside and outside of the Community.

Through the annual SRCCF Golf Classic Tournament, which was held in December 2017, the foundation raised approximately $180,000 (net total). The foundation also receives donations through payroll deduction by SRPMIC employees and various companies throughout the year. SRCCF ensures that funding will always be available to provide services for Community youth.

The SRCCF board members include: Robert “Bob” Scabby, board chair; Davina Rhoades, acting board secretary; and Valerie Lewis, board treasurer. The board currently has two vacant positions. All positions are voluntary positions.

In 2017, the foundation provided monetary assistance for well over 200 community youth. SRCCF assisted Community youth with laptops, educational supplies, various activities, trips, athletic gear, basketball tournament fees, the Salt River Fire Department Fire Explorers program, the Scottsdale Community College Jr. ACE program and more.

SRCCF has seen their share of Community youth who are in good academic standing and are student athletes. Some of the success stories of 2017 include: Hunter Phillips, an engineering student in Colorado; Jaden Lopez who is a great example of a student athlete with excellent grades; and Justine Cooper, who recently broke the all-time record with 1,000 points at Chandler Preparatory School as a sophomore.

SRCCF assists Community youth from infant to age 18, who are in good academic standing. SRCCF has two types of applications; a gift application, which is open year round to all Community youth, and a grant application, which is open from April 1-May 31, 2018 to Community programs that assist Community youth.

“It’s a good feeling to know that we’re able to help out the children in a good way,” said Rhoades who has been on the board for five years.

“Being able to help is like being Santa all year, because we help the kids. We help pick up and deliver to the families; we meet the kids and see what we’re doing for them. It gives you that feeling of satisfaction. We don’t get any per diem, stipend or anything like that, our satisfaction is seeing what we do for the kids and meeting their needs,” said Scabby, who is one of the founding members.

SRCCF encourages you to review the application requirements and upon completion have all required documents attached for a faster and smooth process. To apply for the board vacancies or to submit an application, visit For questions, call Davina Rhoades at (480) 362-2742.

How to Apply
1. Visit
2. Print out the SRCCF gift request form and SRCCF gift request form assistance guide.
3. Follow instructions on the forms and fill out the entire gift request form.
4. Attach ALL REQUIRED DOCUMENTS to application.

How to Submit
Submit application via email to

10005 E. Osborn Road,
Two Waters, Bldg. A
Ste-300, 3rd floor-Administration

Salt River Community Children’s Foundation
ATTENTION: Board Secretary, Davina Rhoades
10005 E. Osborn Road, Two
Waters, Bldg. A Ste-300
Scottsdale, AZ 85256