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SRHS Hosts School Showcase and STEAM Family Fun Night

(L-R) SRHS junior Adrianna James, her brother Rowin James and mother Jacqueline Rodriguez learn how to build an Ethernet cable, which can be used for Internet connection.

On January 23, students and their families showed up for the Salt River High School Showcase and STEAM Night. This event had various hands-on activities for all ages to explore. This educational approach to learning challenged students and their families with critical thinking and allowed them to be as creative as they wanted.

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. It encourages students to take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration and work through the creative process.

STEAM Night featured several different activities: Maker Space, 3D printing, 3D pens, robotics, chemical reactions, Ozobot, drone demonstrations, learning how diabetes affects the body, understanding the value of pi and how it relates to the circumference of a circle, and more. After enjoying a pizza dinner, participants rotated from room to room, allowing them to participate in each activity. Participants entered to win an iPad Mini, Makey Makey invention kit, a 3D pen and an Ozobot toy robot.

“This is engineering. It’s really hard and you have to have a lot of patience. It’s really good too because I want to go into engineering when I go to college, so this will help me. Or, if something goes wrong at the house, I could fix it,” said SRHS junior Adrianna James, who learned how to build an Ethernet cable.

“I brought my nieces and nephews here so they can get better ideas of what they can do in school, learn to participate and do things that they see on TV (educational activities) that they can actually do themselves,” said Karen King.

For more information on the STEAM curriculum at Salt River High School, call (480) 362-2000.

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