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Senior Home Repair and Replacement Program

A worker builds cabinets for a SHRRP customers kitchen. Photos submitted by the SHRRP.

The popular Senior Home Repair and Replacement Program (SHRRP) in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community helped out hundreds of customers over the past year.

For those who are not very familiar with the SHRRP, the program is part of the SRPMIC Engineering and Construction Services Department and provides assistance to eligible Community members to make repairs on their housing within the Community. The services that are provided are ongoing and cost the homeowners practically nothing at all.

The program began in 2003,when Community construction staff helped out with housing repairs and home replacements. As time went on, SRPMIC approved an ordinance establishing the SHRRP, but many seniors did not qualify under the program, so the ordinance was again reviewed and approved. Surveys done on homes discovered that many needed to be knocked down and rebuilt. By 2004, the program had built 27 new homes. The SHRRP was officially created in 2005 under the ordinance SRO-305-05.

SHRRP staff work on acustomers roof replacing shingles to stop further damage to the home.
The program specifically addresses improvement of housing to make homes healthy and safe for the owners in their everyday lives. The program is offered to Community members age 55 and older, people with disabilities and those on dialysis. The home must be located within the Community boundaries and not be a housing rental.

Services provided include plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, HVAC and concrete. The program also does repair and renovation projects such as upgrading lighting, patching holes or changing a client’s air filter. If a customer’s current housing is not considered in livable, the program will work to construct a replacement home.

Program staff conducts routine checkups on homes with the goal of making small repairs before they become a big issue. Currently, there are 800 clients in the SHRRP.

The program offers after-hours assistance for repairs or emergency repair assistance. If a client is experiencing a total power outage, flooding, or failure of heating/cooling during extreme weather conditions, the program will come and help out.

SHRRP staff build stairs for a Community members’ home.
Many clients are on the waiting list for repairs. The repairs are made based on urgency, so those with minor repairs may have to wait a little longer. The program gives an estimated time when the repair will be done. Last year, the SHRRP handled 7,600 service orders.

Engineering and Construction Services provides the Community with a variety of quality services. For more information on the SHRRP, contact ECS at (480) 362-7800 or visit them on the second floor of Two Waters Building B.

For emergency assistance, contact the Salt River Police Department Dispatch Center at (480) 850-9230 and they will contact an on-call technician.