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Marissa Johnson

Student Intern Joins Au-Authm Action News Staff

Hello, my name is Marissa Johnson, and I am working as an intern with the staff of Au-Authm Action News. I am the daughter of Leland and Diane Johnson and little sister to Levi and Shawn Johnson. I am currently a student at Scottsdale Community College and Arizona State University, majoring in journalism.

Growing up with two brothers, I played a lot of video games—so much so that it became a lifestyle as I became an adult. Staying updated on the latest game titles and console releases, I knew I wanted to incorporate my love of gaming into a career. It wasn’t until I first went to San Diego Comic-Con that I realized this is where I’m meant to be. I played games that were still in development at the Nintendo booth. I saw cosplayers (costume play) dressed up as my favorite characters. I waited in long lines just to pick up Con-exclusive merchandise from television and anime. I was thrown into the crowded pit of fans, watching the cast of AMC’s The Walking Dead come into the hallways. At the time, I was vlogging for my YouTube channel, but I wanted more. It wasn’t until I joined, at the time, the Scottsdale Chronicle, now Northeast Valley News, at SCC that I got to share my passion for video-game journalism.

I graduated from SCC in May 2016 with my associate’s degree and received my license in esthetics from Aveda Institute Phoenix. I’ve been an editor for Northeast Valley News for two years, taking on the roles of video editor, social media editor and my current role, senior editor. I am also a host, along with my colleague, for our upcoming podcast that is launching soon. It will consist of all video game, movie, television and anime news, exclusively on

I have been grateful for all of my experiences, as they have landed me here at Au-Authm Action News. I am excited to be a part of the team. This opportunity is a huge step in my journalism career to grow as a writer. I love my Community and always want to do my best to give back.

As for my goal to become a video-game journalist, I want to one day work for a gaming website, such as IGN or Polygon, interviewing celebrities and game developers, getting access behind the scenes at conventions, and being able to play the latest game before it releases. Everything I have been doing is a step toward this ultimate goal.