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Salt River Elementary School Builds a Rainbow

Youth of Salt River Elementary School look at the colorful display of vegetables and fruit and select the ones they want to try.

The students at Salt River Elementary School participated in Rainbow Day in the school’s cafeteria on September 21. On Rainbow Day, the youth were challenged during lunchtime to make their food trays as colorful as they could, choosing different-colored fruits and veggies from the salad bar.

The children had a variety of colorful produce to choose from, including purple onions, melons, carrots, pineapples, apples, peppers and more. The produce was displayed in a colorful pattern that appealed to most of the children.

Members of the Salt River Elementary School Student Council serve their fellow students fruits and vegetables during lunchtime.
The goal of Rainbow Day is to encourage youth to try healthy foods. The kids received a Rainbow Day sticker and got to autograph a six-foot-long banner to show they met the challenge.

Members of the school’s Student Council dressed up as different fruits and vegetables to serve food to their fellow students during lunch.

“The event was designed to promote a healthy lifestyle and also to get the students to try different fruits and vegetables such as jicama or rainbow cauliflower,” said Michelle Kelly, Food Services Supervisor of the Education Department. This is our second year and the students all seem to enjoy it. We do have a salad bar everyday and they all use it more than before.”

Youth enjoy picking out the different-colored fruits and vegetables, many of which they had never tasted before.