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Salt River Schools Release Updated Strategic Plan

Salt River Schools Superintendent Louis Laffitte presents at a school forum on September 19 at the Salt River Community Building.

Mat’o T’vem Ab O Ju.
We will do this together.

In September, Salt River Schools (SRS) released an updated five-year strategic plan with the motto “We Will Do This Together” shared in O’odham, Piipaash and English.

The 16-page strategic plan is available online at

As part of the push to get the information out to the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Salt River Schools Superintendent Louis Laffitte hosted two recent Community forums, one at the Lehi Community Building on September 12 and another at the Salt River Community Building on September 19.

About 30 people attended the second forum, a mixture of parents and families of students as well as education staff. After a slideshow presentation explaining the mission and vision of Salt River Schools, Laffitte answered questions from the attendees. A meal was provided at both forums.

The new plan is basically a guide for SRS to use as it works to improve academic achievement and become Community residents’ school of choice. Roughly half of school-age students in the Community go to schools outside of the Community, Laffitte said.

“Think about any kind of plan,” he said. “It’s really to give you a roadmap towards those next steps, to help us make sure we stay on track and on target. Often times, a lot of folks will develop things and they stray and go all over the place. Our intent is to stick with this—make minor modifications where needed—but really use this as our plan moving forward.”

Laffitte said more forums are planned over the next few months. He encouraged people to attend education board meetings, which are generally held on the first and third Mondays of the month at 5:15 p.m.

The following includes the strategic plan’s Values and Goals.

SRS Strategic Plan: Values

SRS Strategic Plan: Goals

For more information on education in Salt River, visit or call (480) 362-2500.