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Salt River Recreation’s News Flashers Tour Channel 12 Studios and Arizona Republic

Salt River Recreation's News Flashers (L-R) Jaden Aldana, Lacy Landin, Ashki Silversmith and Marcus Lasiloo.
Photo courtesy of SR Recreation

The youth involved in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Recreation Department’s News Flashers group have been taking their job seriously in wanting to learn more about journalism.

Every Tuesday, the News Flashers, part of the After-School Program, meet for 90 minutes with their class instructor, Diedré Goodluck, to go over news assignments, conduct interviews, compile stories about the events and trips within the After-School Program, and edit their peers’ stories.

All of the young journalists work hard every week and look forward to distributing their final product to the Recreation Department. Recently, distribution has spread to the Two Waters Complex and surrounding SRPMIC departments.

On March 16, the News Flashers toured the offices of the Arizona Republic newspaper and KPNX-TV channel 12, the NBC affiliate in Phoenix. Although it was spring break, the four class participants were eager and excited for this trip. They were Lacy Landin, Jaden Aldana, Ashki Silversmith and Marcus Lasiloo.

“They have all taken an interest in different parts of journalism, so to give them a deeper look into the world that journalism can offer them, we decided to go to the professionals,” said Goodluck.

Youth got a chance to use the green screen, which had dinosaurs in their background at the Channel 12 News station.
A digital media and events producer conducted the first tour, of the Arizona Republic. This producer works in the social media division of the newspaper’s website,

During the tour, the young journalists sat in on a staff meeting with Republic reporters and senior editors to discuss that day’s news assignments and upcoming issues. The students met the staff members, learned about their job duties and asked questions.

After the group finished the first tour, they met with the marketing and community relations coordinator for KPNX Channel 12. The tour included a live broadcast, and the students took photos on set and at the weather green screen.

Afterward, everyone went to lunch and discussed their favorite parts of the tour and the journalism careers they are interested in. Aldana said he would like to be a meteorologist and report on the weather. Landin said she wants to be a news anchor for the morning news. Silversmith said he would like to be a photographer for the newspaper, and Lasiloo would like to be a sports journalist.

“We’re hoping that this trip sheds light on just a few of the doors that writing can open,” said Goodluck.

Each of these young writers enjoyed this spring break field trip and is eager to publish the next issue of News Flashers for the Recreation Department and members of the Community.