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Longmore Road Sidewalk Taking Shape

Ramps and bench areas will be placed throughout Longmore Road during the new sidewalk project.

If you have been driving along Longmore Road in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, you may have noticed ongoing construction. A long-awaited sidewalk is being installed on the west side of the road.

Construction of the Longmore Road Pedestrian Project, which started earlier this year, is set to last approximately three months. Cones and other construction-related materials currently are visible along the often-busy road.

The sidewalk stretches from the Two Waters tribal complex at Osborn and Longmore roads to McDowell Road near the Salt River Community Building. Along with the sidewalk, the project includes landscaping, mail-delivery pullouts to improve pedestrian safety, lighting and benches at selected locations, as well as new ramps, curbs and gutters.

Looking south from Osborn Road down Longmore Road, across from the Huhugam Ki Museum.
The project is part of the Community’s long-range transportation plan for safer travel for pedestrians, cyclists and students. Other projects will happen when more funding becomes available. Recently, before the Longmore Road Pedestrian Project, a sidewalk on Indian School Road was installed, extending from the new Way of Life Facility near Center Street to 122nd Place.

“I happen to like the idea,” said Lily Lewis, who lives along Longmore Road, about the new sidewalk.

Community elder Sharilyn Belone was once an early-morning walker. She was forced to walk the fields because of the high traffic along Longmore Road.

Construction workers working on the sidewalk which will be finished by the end of the month.
“I think it is a very good idea and I was all in favor of this sidewalk,” Belone said. “It’s very handy for those who walk on that street; I would have liked to have had it years ago. I know a lot of people will use it.”

For more information on the project, contact Rick McFarlin, Community civil engineer for roads, at (480) 362-6993 or