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Digital Learning Day at Salt River Elementary School

Youth from Salt River Elementary School test out a 3D program during the schools' Digital Learning Day.

To mark the launch of Digital Learning Month, students at Salt River Elementary School participated in a kickoff event on February 1, Digital Learning Day, with activities in the school’s library and computer lab.

Two technology companies from the Valley came in to demonstrate hands-on learning activities with fifth- and sixth-grade students.

The first presenter was TimefireVR Inc., who taught students 3D mesh sculpting and painting on 3D models on the library computers.

The staff explained about 3D artwork and showed the students how to use the computer programs. They wanted to introduce the kids to all the possibilities that exist in digital art-making by giving them the tools so they can start early.

The students enjoyed it and instantly got into the program as if they had been working on it for months. They created some pretty impressive things during their presentation.

Questions asked by the students were mostly software-related.

After the TimefireVR presentation, the fifth-graders gathered in the school’s computer lab, where Web3Mavens gave a presentation on staying safe when using social media.

Students learned from industry practitioners about how best to use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. The goal was to start a conversation and to let the students ask questions. They also learned about safe online practices, coding and programming, podcasting and digital storytelling.

During the rest of Digital Learning Month in February, students participated in numerous activities such as debates, learning lessons, and essay competitions.