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Tips to Avoid Heat-Related Illness During the Summer Months

The typical southern Arizona summer can be unforgiving. According to, south-central Arizona experiences an average of 92 days each year over 100°F. We all know that the climate in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert is hot and dry, with low humidity, but sometimes the heat can be challenging. For example, when you get into your car to run errands, you notice that it takes longer for your air conditioning to cool the inside of your car, and before you know it, you arrive at your destination still warm.

Then, in July and August, the monsoon season brings thunderstorms. But the increased humidity does not mean it’s OK to ignore the heat—in fact, the humidity makes our heat even more dangerous.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid heat illness during this hottest part of the year in the Valley.

Outdoor Exercise

Populations Without Air Conditioning

Keep Children Safe Outside