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SRPD Stays Proactive During Memorial Day Weekend

At the A-frame located at the Red Mountain Preserve, members of the SRPD Explorer Post talk with Community members, with the coaching and direct supervision of the SRPD Rangers and School Resource Officers.

Over the Memorial Day holiday weekend, several units within the Salt River Police Department were actively engaged in proactive community-based policing programs and DUI Task Force education and enforcement special operations to ensure the safety and protection of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community and also the Red Mountain Preserve.

The SRPD Traffic Enforcement Bureau (TEB) was out in force looking for impaired drivers. As a result of their efforts, 162 traffic stops were made within the Community that resulted in three misdemeanor DUI arrests (BAC above .08), three extreme DUI arrests (BAC above .15) and one felony DUI arrest. Additionally, SRPD police officers issued 156 citations and 44 written warnings. The violations included 94 speed violations (12 were criminal speed citations), six driving with a suspended license violations, and 12 red light and/or stop sign violations.

“The actions and efforts of our SRPD TEB police officers during the DUI Task Force education and enforcement special operation and of our SRPD Ranger Officers, SRO Officers and our SRPD Explorers at the Red Mountain Preserve are another excellent example of our SRPD proactive community-based policing programs and our education and enforcement programs that ensure the safety and protection of the Community,” said SRPD Chief Karl G. Auerbach.

The SRPD Ranger Unit, with the assistance of the School Resource Officers and the SRPD Police Explorers, staffed the A-frame and patrolled the Red Mountain Preserve on both Sunday and Monday. The operation ran from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. on both days. SRPD team members were ensuring that only Community members and their families could enter the Red Mountain Preserve. As a result of their efforts, the team contacted 145 vehicles attempting to enter into the area. A total of 26 vehicles were turned away from the area due to not being Community members, and the Ranger Unit helped a total of five vehicles that ended up being stuck in the mud and sand. Feedback from Community members was very favorable about the SRPD Rangers, Police Officers and SRPD Explorers and their approachability, assistance and visibility.

Chief Auerbach went on to say, “The actions of our SRPD TEB Police Officers absolutely made our Community safer! Based on favorable feedback from the Community, there were several positive interactions with many Community members at the Red Mountain Preserve. I’m really proud of all the SRPD team members and SRPD Explorers who worked these special operations. They are an excellent example of service and dedication!”