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SRPMIC Member Completes U.S. Marine Corps Training

Community Member Daniel Smith, Jr. graduated from the U.S. Marine Corps bootcamp and recently returned home to visit with his family and Community.

Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community member Daniel Smith, Jr. graduated from U.S. Marine Corps training in San Diego on June 16. He was a member of Platoon 3215 of the 3rd Battalion India Company.

After his graduation, Smith and his family stayed on in San Diego and Los Angeles for a few days before returning home to Salt River.

While Smith was in training, various Community members wrote to him, including Salt River Police Department Chief Karl Auerbach, former Marines on the SRPD force, and a class of students at Salt River Elementary School. After he got home, Smith met with Auerbach to thank him for writing to him. Auerbach gave Smith some advice regarding his journey as a Marine. SRPD Sgt. Jeremiah Rangel set up the meeting with Auerbach and asked his fellow Marines on the police force and the class at the elementary school to write to Smith.

On June 22, Smith met with SRPMIC President Delbert W. Ray, Sr. and the Tribal Council for lunch, where he shared his experiences with them.

“I feel much better after I finally got to see my son on Family Day on Thursday, June 15,” said Smith’s mother, Davina Dallas. “I got to hug him and talk to him. Knowing he did well and finished his training made it easier to see him go to Camp Pendleton for more training.”

Dallas said she would see her son again at his next graduation, which will take place on July 27 at Camp Pendleton. After that, he’ll travel to North Carolina, where he will learn about his job in logistics.