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Salt River Fire Department Rescues Dog From Empty Well

Salt River firefighters rescued a brown dog from a vacant Verde Water Treatment Plant near Red Mountain. Firefighters hoisted the dog from about 25 feet in a cage after another firefighter rappelled from a fire truck ladder to reach the animal.

On July 10, a collared dog was rescued from the vacant Verde Water Treatment Plant near Red Mountain in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

The Salt River Fire Department safely rescued the dog from a large empty well. A firefighter rappelled down from a fire truck ladder into the well, about 25 feet deep, and placed the dog in a cage. The dog was scared initially, but it calmly walked toward the firefighter, wagging its tail.

Plant security discovered the dog in the empty water basin well, which had no step or door access. It’s not known how the dog got into the well.

A SRFD firefighter rappells to the bottom of an empty water well to rescue a trapped dog.
Water has not flowed through the plant since 2011. The plant is fenced off from the public and security patrols it 24 hours a day. (An article on the vacant plant is scheduled for an upcoming issue of Au-Authm Action News.)

Although the dog had a collar, it did not have an ID tag. Travaleah Chavez, with SRPD Animal Control, and SRPD Ranger Dean Randall helped with the dog and later located its owner.

The Salt River firefighters who helped with the dog rescue included Ramone Arenas, Chris Hill, Scott Rork, Anthony Wilhelms, John Moretti, Terry Kubal, Joe Vesely, Jack Bellefeuille, Will Kuamoo and Marty Gordon. They represent stations 293 and 294.

The rescued dog is about to be placed in a cage and raised up from the empty well.