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SRPD Dispatcher Retires after 20 Plus Years

Tashquinth gets hugs from her grandsons who were also present for the luncheon.

The Salt River Police Department celebrated employee and Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community member Veronica Tashquinth and her years of service at her retirement luncheon, held December 30 at the SRPD Communications Center.

Tashquinth started with the police department as a dispatcher on March 20, 1995. She was promoted to dispatcher II in 2005 and retired as the communications supervisor. Before working for the police department, she worked in the SRPMIC Land Management office for 15 years.

SRPD Police Chief Karl Auerbach welcomed the guests, introduced Tashquinth and gave a brief history of her years at the police department. Auerbach explained how the job of a public safety dispatcher is complex and stressful, yet rewarding.

Veronica Tashquinth (second from right) also served as a Dispatcher Trainer, training newly hired Dispatchers in communications. Ms. Tashquinth also volunteered in many areas including the SRPD Christmas Angel Program.
Submitted by Tashquinth's family.
“These professionals are the lifeline between the Community, police officers and firefighters,” Auerbach said. “They must be able to rapidly multi-task to determine what the emergency is, gather lots of details, then deploy police officers and firefighters, all while on the phone, radio and operating several computers.”

Over the years, Tashquinth has received praise for outstanding work performance from her supervisors, her peers in communications, from police command staff, from the Salt River Fire Department and from Community members.

Police Chief Karl Auerbach and Veronica Tashquinth in one of the former Communications Centers for the police department.
Submitted by Tashquinth's family.
Tashquinth was presented with a retirement plaque signed by SRPMIC Community Manager Bryan Meyers and a giant retirement card signed by everyone at the SRPD.

“They were all like my family there at the police department. The ones I worked with were the ones I was hired along with, so I knew them and their families for a long time,” said Tashquinth.

Tashquinth said that she overcame the high stress level of her job by trying to find humor in things and staying healthy.

Even though she worked for so long as a dispatcher, “I always tend to find it very hard to order food from a drive-through speaker,” said Tashquinth, laughing. “I would think I would know what to say right away, but I always mess up at drive-throughs.”

Working as a police dispatcher, she said, “You have to hear the story before you actually tell the story, then you have to ask a lot of questions. It’s sort of like gossiping because then you have to tell how it is.”

Veronica Tashquinth worked for the SRPD for 22 years as a Dispatcher.
Submitted by Tashquinth's family.
SRPD Chief Karl Auerbach presents Veronica Tashquinth with a plaque on her 22 years of service to the SRPD during her retirement luncheon held at the SRPD Communications building. The Chief also thanked her family for understanding her position within the police department that made her sacrifice many long hours many times working 12 hour shifts and missing important family functions.
Commander James Sutphen mentioned during the open mic time how the old dispatch office at the old police station is now the men’s locker room, which made Tashquinth laugh.

As for the future, Tashquinth said she will enjoy life, volunteer where she can and enjoy the sunlight.

“Since high school I have always worked, but I am a grandma now, so I will be spending a lot of time with [my grandchildren] and my family and I won’t have to worry about anyone calling into work and going in,” she said. “I look forward to the future.”