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Jingle Bell Fun Run at Salt River Elementary

Youth run out of the Salt River Elementary School grounds during their Christmas Jingle Bell Fun Run.

Salt River Elementary School students took part in the Jingle Bell Christmas Fun Run at the school on December 20.

About 390 students from kindergarten to sixth grade participated in the 1.1-mile run, wearing special shirts for the day and also wearing jingle bell wristbands, which made noise as they ran.

Youth all wear their Jingle Bell Jog pullovers provided by the elementary school.
All the youth, instructors and family members participated in the fun run from the elementary school to Salt River High School and back. Santa Claus and his elves made a special guest appearance, encouraging all the youth to participate and handing out candy canes.

After the fun run, the fastest classes were tallied and the school recognized the class champions, including the fastest students in each grade.