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Seniors Benefit From Salt River Senior Strength Classes

The Salt River Senior Strength participants use stability balls during one of their exercises.

Do you even lift, bro?

Five Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community seniors do. They get in their weekly workouts at the Salt River Fitness Center with physical fitness specialist Dion Begay. Although many of them are up there in age and may have health complications, they carry on and make their health a priority each week with each visit.

Since October, the new Salt River Senior Strength classes have provided benefits to the seniors through health and exercise. They are now comfortable with using various gym machines and equipment. This took practice and required them to step out of their comfort zone. But now, they all can tell you that it has paid off.

The Salt River Fitness Center is closed to the public and opened for seniors only during the Salt River Senior Strength classes.
“My balance is getting much better and I can walk a lot farther than I used to. Some of my goals are to get better at what I’m doing and hopefully lose some weight too,” said Community senior Carolyn French, 63.

“I really look forward to coming here to get the workout. I’m more energetic than I was before. I see a big improvement in my health. I want to try to lose weight and just get even healthier,” said Community elder Laurie Thomas, 60.

“We’re limitless as to what we can do here. Already just incorporating the simple movement with hip hinging and mobility movements, I’ve seen tremendous improvements in shoulder mobility, posture, balance and everything that they’re doing. The seniors have improved exponentially,” said Begay, who encourages more Community seniors to join his class.

Community elder Laurie Thomas works hard during the Salt River Senior Strength classes as she completes her standing push ups.
The classes are held at the Salt River Fitness Center on Wednesdays at 9 a.m. During this time, the fitness center is closed to the public and open to seniors only. These classes are not associated with the Senior Enhance Fitness.

For more information about the Salt River Senior Strength classes, call the Salt River Fitness Center at (480) 362-7320.