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SRHS Drama Students Showcase Hamlet at Hogwarts

Hamlet/Harry Potter threatens Claudius/Professor Snape into drinking the content in the cup, after Claudius/Professor Snape tried to poison Hamlet/Harry Potter.

On December 15, the Salt River High School lecture hall was filled with laughter as the school’s drama students premiered their winter production, Hamlet at Hogwarts. This parody was a mixture of Shakespearean influence and contemporary pop culture. The students found a connection between the characters from Hamlet and the Harry Potter books and wrote their own script—where sadly, everyone dies in the end.

Through the Salt River Children’s Foundation, the SRHS drama students were able to work with the Arizona Theatre Company on the play. In just six weeks, five Salt River High School drama students were ready to showcase Hamlet at Hogwarts.

“I was really surprised because I had a feeling that people were not going to like it,” said student Jason James Jr., who took the lead on the playwriting. “Surprisingly, they all turned out to like it and they were laughing at it.

“Writing is something that I like to do—it’s my passion, that and drawing. I didn’t think I had it in me to make something so humorous; it was awesome. All the actors were phenomenal.”

Denton Miguel, who played “Hamlet/Harry Potter,” said, “It’s always fun to play and create someone that you’re not. I learned how to speak up and out after doing this.”

“We’re just really happy to have an audience and have everybody appreciate it and get some laughs out of it. The kids had such a great time doing this show, especially since they wrote it and came up with all the ideas themselves. Seeing them come together as a cast and a group was a lot of fun,” said SRHS drama teacher Heidi Horchler.

Holly Garner, an education and company management associate with the Arizona Theatre Company, was complimentary as well.

“Working with the school was fabulous and everyone is really nice here,” Garner said. “Heidi Horchler is amazing; she put a lot of time and work into this. Everything was executed superbly. The kids were very open. It was very easy for them to grasp—they are very smart kids, and it was their idea to set it in Hogwarts. The script was amazing.”

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