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Conversation With the VP Martin Harvier

What are some of your 2017 goals for the Community as SRPMIC Vice-President?

• One of the main things is managing the smooth transition into the new Justice Center facility. I know staff has already moved into portions of the new building, but I think it’s important to continue, in this upcoming year, to manage a smooth transition and also make sure the court services continue to improve.

• Another area is the construction of the Way of Life Facility. A goal is to work with staff in extending hours to evenings and even weekends to provide our Community members the opportunities to either begin or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

• Another goal is the fast track of a new health clinic in the Community. It’ll be a goal to help participate in the design phase of that health facility to hopefully provide improved, modern and efficient healthcare for our members.

• I’m not sure how many have seen the construction at the Journey to Recovery facility (the former LARC program). I’m hoping with the expansion of the facility that we are able to provide more space for those who are seeking services, as far as addiction recovery.

• About every five to six years, the Council reviews the Community’s Strategic Plan to see if any changes need to be made. The first thing we have been asked to look at is the vision statement and the core values. The next step is to look at the strategic plan and develop new goals if necessary. The goal would be to put teams together to go through these areas of proposed changes.

• I’d like to continue the development of Community policing. I believe that the Salt River Police Department has been really working hard to improve the relationship with our members through Community policing by attending events and just trying to be more visible. I think it’s important to continue that process.

• With the new (Trump) administration and the new assistant secretary for Indian Affairs, I think it’s important to revisit the homesite issue. That’s an issue we are facing here, whether Community members have the ability to build on their property because of the percentage of signoffs they need. I think it’s important in this upcoming year to revisit this issue.

What do you find most enjoyable in your role as Vice-President?

I’ve been in office now for about 10 years, and I still feel very humbled and honored to be able to serve. It’s a privilege to serve and represent the Community, whether at a school to be invited to speak to our students, or being able to welcome groups into our Community and letting them know who we are as a people. I really think the vice-president’s role is important as far as carrying on when the president is away. The vice-president continues those daily operations.