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True Love Still Exists

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are some examples of true love to give everyone some hope and inspiration.

Martin & Toni Harvier

Married September 26, 1981
Papago Ward in Salt River
5 children & 6 grandchildren
What’s your secret to a long marriage?

Every couple goes through struggles, even in long times together, but respect, communication, compromise, dates, showing each other love often and saying “I love you” every day have kept us together.

What are some of your romantic traditions?

We go on date nights every Friday. On our anniversary and my birthday, we like to get out of town.

What are your favorite attributes about your spouse?

Toni: How great of a father and grandfather he truly is. When he talks from his heart. How he’s a friend to everyone. I knew I “loffed” him when he was sincere in how he treated me, and I also loved the way he treated my parents and family.

Robert & Deanna Scabby
Married December 18, 1976
Mesa Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
10 children &14 grandchildren

Where did you first meet? We met while we were students attending Brigham Young University in January 1976.

What’s your secret to a long marriage?

Putting one another first. And, being friends and enjoying things together.

What are the favorite attributes about your spouse?

Robert: My wife’s loyalty, friendliness and humor.

Deanna: I truly appreciate Bob, as he is always a gentleman. He still helps me whenever I need help getting into a car and he still holds the door open for me when he can beat me to the door.

What are some of your romantic traditions?

We do “getaways” and “stay-cations,” attend church together, serve our family and all its never-ending activities, and still enjoy powwows, sporting events and rodeos.

Kent & Vickie Andrews
Married September 29, 1979
Salt River Presbyterian Church
3 children & 7 grandchildren

Kent and Vickie renewed their vows and had their marriage blessed in the Catholic Church on March 19, 2016, through a convalidation ceremony at St. Francis Church.

What are your favorite attributes about your spouse?

Vickie: Kent is very caring and giving. He’s a wonderful dad and papa who loves his children and grandchildren and would do just about anything for them. He’s funny and sometimes sarcastic, but always in good fun. He is also disciplined and prompt.

What are some of your romantic traditions?

We go to the movies, go out to dinner and celebrate anniversaries.

What’s your secret to a long marriage?

Supporting each other’s interests with friends. My shopping, walking/5K’s and his golfing and music.

Mike & Pat Villalpando
Married March 29, 1980
Tuba City Presbyterian Church
3 children & 13 grandchildren

Where did you first meet?

At the Scottsdale Pow Wow in 1977.

Pat: I saw him and begged my friend to introduce us, and she did. He said “Hi,” and that was it. Later in the year, that same friend re-introduced us, and it was then that we started dating. Our first date was at the drive-in with his little brother!

What quote best describes your relationship?

“The couples that are meant to be are the ones who go through everything that is meant to tear them apart and come out even stronger than they were before.”

Losing our son was devastating, but it also made us stronger. Tasbah and Xavier and the grandkids kept us going. I remember Mike telling me that we are making memories for our grandchildren, too.