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Living in Two Worlds: Author Discusses Book at Community Library

Many Community members, friends and former students arrive at the tribal library to hear author Steve Saffron (standing) discuss his book, Living in Two Worlds.

A former Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community employee visited the Salt River Library for a book-signing on January 18. Steve Saffron discussed and signed his book, Living in Two Worlds: What I Learned From the Indigenous People of America.

The event brought many old friends of Saffron’s to the library to show their support and purchase the book.

Saffron is an educator who has worked with Native American people for more than 50 years. He has mentored students and worked on Native American programs in Whiteriver, Mesa Public Schools and Scottsdale Community College. He also is a motivational speaker, visiting Indian communities in Arizona and out of state to teach workshops on team-building, positive attitudes and relationship-building.

In Living in Two Worlds, Saffron describes how many of the Indigenous people of America live in two worlds: the world of their Native people and the world of contemporary America that surrounds their homes. The book includes some stories related to the SRPMIC and is dedicated to Saffron’s best friend, Community elder Hazel Rivers. The cover artwork features the Man in the Maze design.

Many individuals attend the book signing and congratulate Saffron.
At the event, Saffron discussed why he wrote his book and explained how the process of producing it took seven years to finalize. The book has 200 pages divided into 42 chapters, and it has 17 photographs of family and friends.

“In the book you will learn the value of respect, Native American humor and spirit, and be able to read stories that reflect the thinking and values of current-day Indigenous people,” Saffron said.

Saffron gives credit to the people he has met and worked with over 50 years for helping him with his philosophy and finding his identity.

One note on the back cover reads, “You will learn what it means to enjoy life, give thanks and be stronger in your power.”

“This book features a collection of stories, and most of the people in the book have gone on,” said Saffron. Saffron wanted to produce the book as something to share and leave for his 10 grandchildren.

The book is available at the Salt River Library and can be purchase online through Amazon at