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Salt River Judicial Center Almost Complete, Way of Life Facility on Schedule

An aerial shot of the nearly completed Judicial Center.

By now, it’s hard not to notice the new Salt River Judicial Center under construction at the corner of Osborn and Longmore roads and the Way of Life Facility near Indian School Road and Center Street. Both are new additions to the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. Here are some construction updates on both projects.

Salt River Judicial Center

According to Daniel Angulo, senior construction manager, Building B, the single-level portion of the project in front of Osborn Road, was turned over to the Community on January 11, 2017. Building B consists of three separate suites that house the SRPMIC Defense Advocate, Legal Services and the Office of the Prosecutor. “Approximately 60 staff members were moved from the Chaparral Business Center at Pima Road and Chaparral back to the tribal government campus,” said Angulo.

The Defense Advocate staff moved into their new space on January 12, and Legal Services and the prosecutor’s office were relocated on January 19.

Building A, the multi-level portion of the project known as the courthouse, is still under construction. Current activities include taping and texturing walls, painting, courtroom millwork and other finish work. HVAC work also is still in progress.

“Building A is expected to be completed this coming spring,” said Angulo.

Way of Life Facility

The new Way of Life Facility is on schedule for a December 1 turnover to the Community. The Community held a steel-beam-signing and topping-out ceremony at the end of January.

“The next few months will be very busy for us, with 11 trades currently on site and over a hundred workers every day,” said John Branch, MayDall Construction’s senior project superintendent.

Branch reports the following construction updates:

“Overall, the project is very complicated, [but we have] great support from BCA (the project architect) and SRPMIC to answer our questions quickly, with great solutions,” said Branch. “Subcontractors on this job are a hand-selected group that is the best team I have ever had in my 39 years of building experience. The spirit of cooperation is what has brought this project to the place where it is today.”

If you have any questions about either project, call SRPMIC Engineering Construction Services at (480) 362-7900.

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