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Talking Stick Resort Light Display

A visible flag is seen on the exterior of the Talking Stick Resort during Veterans Day.

In the summer of 2014, the Talking Stick Resort added LED lights to the exterior of its hotel tower along the western edge of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

The lights were part of improvements to the resort, and were designed to illuminate the ongoing growth of the Talking Stick Cultural & Entertainment District, which includes Talking Stick Resort, Talking Stick Golf Club, Salt River Fields, The Pavilions at Talking Stick, Butterfly Wonderland and Top Golf.

"Since being installed in 2014, the lights have generated much excitement and praise. Early on people would call me telling how much they liked them, now they get excited about what the next design is going be. They have become something for which people look forward," said Ramon Martinez, director of public relations for Talking Stick Resort.

The LED lights were installed in strips covering the entire front exterior of the hotel tower. Double diffused frosted acrylic lens cover each light strip, which protects from weather damage and prevents the lights from disturbing guests inside the hotel.

The Talking Stick Resort has a total of more than 6,700 linear feet of energy efficient light strips, which equates to approximately 81,000 points of light. The lights have become a landmark, as the lights can be seen from throughout the Valley.
According to a news release, “The lights can display 16.7 million different colors, many of which cannot be discerned by the human eye. They are fully programmable and can be configured to display an infinite number of designs and messages on the building. In total there are more than 6,700 linear feet of energy efficient light strips, which equates to approximately 81,000 points of light. Each strip serves to emphasize the beauty of the building’s architecture.”

The lights have made Talking Stick Resort a landmark in Scottsdale,” Martinez said.

“People can’t help but see them as they travel the freeway. If they haven’t been to the property they are instantly curious and if they have, it reminds them of why they should come back,” he said.

The multi-media designers in the marketing team at Talking Stick Resort create the building designs. It takes about three weeks to concept and work on designs. Directives for the designs are usually given via a written or oral creative brief that which outlines things like color, imagery and themes for the LEDs.