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Bryce McGertt, Mr. Indian Scottsdale Community College 2017-2018.

Bryce McGertt Mr. Indian Scottsdale Community College

A Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community member has been named Mr. Indian Scottsdale Community College.

Bryce McGertt took part in the October 30 pageant, which also crowned Miss Indian SCC Katiri Herrera. The pageant consisted of an impromptu question, an oral presentation, and a traditional or modern talent. For McGertt’s talent, he sang “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban, in honor of his late grandmother, Rene Delores McGertt.

During his oral presentation, he spoke of the important role of men during a woman’s coming-of-age ceremony. His platforms include raising awareness about bullying and promoting education through academics and culture. He spoke about being a goodwill ambassador to help youth.

“This is something I want to touch base on as I go through my year,” McGertt said. “Our youth is what’s going to make our Community better. It’s important to let them know that they matter and that they belong here; they have a future. I want to encourage the youth to go out and be proud of themselves and to work hard, because that’s ultimately what we have to do to get what we want and what we need in our lives.”

Mr. Indian SCC and his little sister Former Red Mountain Eagle Pow-Wow Princess Kennise McGertt at the Lori Piestewa Post 80 Princess Pageant in Kykotsmovi Village on the Hopi Reservation. Submitted photo.

Newly crowned Mr. and Miss Scottsdale Community College Bryce McGertt and Katiri Herrera after the pageant. Submitted photo.
McGertt is the second ambassador to carry the title of Mr. Indian SCC. He’s pursuing a degree in entertainment and events management.

McGertt will travel along with Herrera (Yakama/White Mountain Apache/Navajo/Choctaw) to various events, representing their tribes, families and most important, themselves. They will promote the college, the SCC American Indian Program and the Sun Earth Indian Alliance Club.