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Old Salt River Health Clinic Demolished

An excavator from Breinholt Contracting Co., Inc. starts the demolition of the old HHS Health Center Building 13 on August 2, along Osborn Road at the east end of the SRPMIC Tribal Complex.

On August 2, the old Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community Health Center, also known as the old Health and Human Services (HHS) building, was demolished.

After nearly 30 years, the old HHS building served its purpose in the Community.

As an excavator demolished the structure, onlookers stood and watched from behind the construction gates. Conversation about the old HHS clinic lingered.

The 20,000 square-foot, split level clinic was built in 1989. It provided a variety of healthcare services to Community residents: nursing, dental care, pharmacy, laboratory tests, adult and pediatric physicians, prevention and intervention services, WIC, psychiatry, Community health nursing, environmental/public health, a diabetes program, fitness center, and counseling and crisis services.

As you may recall, the old clinic was closed due to damage caused by flooding during the monsoon seasons, which built up over time and resulted in asbestos. The lower floor of the two-story building would flood during heavy rains, and sandbags weren’t enough to keep the water from damaging the building over time.

Construction crews are cleaning up the area and will soon level it for a parking lot.

Current HHS employees and departments have been relocated throughout the SRPMIC Tribal Campus. For more information, contact SRPMIC Health and Human Services at (480) 362-5500.

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